Sunday, 1 November 2009

Light-hearted Banter

Seeing as so far my blog has been a bit doom and gloom, I thought I would do a light-hearted post. I went to the Museums' Halloween party last night, it was awesome! one of the best halloweens I've ever had. Lots of kids in cool fancy dress, and adults in cool fancy dress too. I got to wear ridiculous ammounts of eyeliner and my fancy mask.

Although I was technically working (serving on the tea and cake stand) I still managed to have a wander round the site and see what was happening. Also managed to scoff a hot dog in a bun, which is always a good thing. I even managed to get over my fear of night-time driving and drove home too. Spent most of today trying to catch up on some sleep, it wasn't a late night but being on my feet for a few hours and then not getting a good nights' sleep left me a bit rubbish today.

Just for fun I'm copying in a hilarious video from youtube that my cousin told me about. Who would have thought binoculars could create such a great version of football?! I often find having a giggle can lift my mood a bit on a bad day. For all those with M.E out there hope this gives you a few minutes of carefree amusement. Enjoy.

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