Saturday, 12 December 2009

Cream Crackered

Absolutely shattered but feeling fairly triumphant. All my work projects went well and winding down for Christmas now as work closes for 2 weeks at Christmas. The house is relatively prepared already too! First time in many years that we've been so organised. Hoping to avoid the usual pre-xmas stress this year. Feeling tired but on the whole I have definitely been getting stronger this year. Seem to be over the worst of the university induced relapse. Fingers crossed things will keep on an even keel for a while.

Looking forward to the up-coming festivities. Some amusing things about working where I do is the crazy things that can happen. Volunteers bring their pet dogs in with them sometimes. I opened the back office door and out jumped a young spaniel leaping round the main office rushing past everyone who tried to catch him. Said dog ran up the stairs around all the rooms up there and back down again until I managed to hook its lead on in a rather deft manoeuvre (if I say so myself) and find his owner (who had gone to make a drink). There was also an atmosphere of carry-on this week too. Whilst preparing for an event which required providing jugs of water there was much laughter over the fact a colleague announced that she had the 'big jugs'. On the same day another colleague stated that his 'little knob fell off' (the drawers). Stupid and immature to laugh at such things but it does make the working day easier to have a giggle.

A friend came to stay last weekend which was really nice and I dragged her along to the museum's Christmas weekend event, which she thoroughly enjoyed and even wants to come back for the next event. Nice to show people my work, I've become quite proud of it so I like it when other people like the place too. It is a crazily chaotic place to work but I love it all the same. I still worry about things ALL the time but am getting better at coping with pressure again now and to control my rampant self-doubt and perfectionism.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Things on the Internet to Cheer Yourself Up.

I am sure I am not the only person with M.E who is thanking the stars for the internet. A constant source of entertainment for people who for one reason or another are stuck at home with little to do, or little ability to 'do'. Here are some of my faves:

Posted by Stephen Fry on Twitter: I simply love this website!

Mildly ammusing:

One of my all time favourite moments from the glory days of Phil and Fern. I rarely watch This Morning, if ever, but always watched the funny bits on youtube:

Obviously youtube can be an endless source of merriment and musical delights.

A good comedy site is: you can also watch new versions of Walliams and Lucas's "rock profiles"

A bit random but available on youtube is Adam and Joe's "Bobby Calypso" an unusual tribute to DeNiro:

My latest guilty pleasure on tv (apart from come dine with me) is total wipeout. If you've not seen it look it up. Energetic people flinging themselves about is surprisingly watchable in a "can't not look" way. Here is a big red balls compilation off youtube:


Thursday, 3 December 2009

I will survive!

PHEW My working week is over. I survived! Has been really busy. Organising an evening event for the museum, going into a local primary school for outreach work and attending training days in Leeds. I was absolutely shattered Wednesday night after the training and slept for about 14 hours. Today I went into work late (which they don't mind me doing thank goodness) so had a good rest. The hard work paid off today as I discovered myself and the project I am working on got a mention in an article in the local paper. Great for my evaluations etc. My "event" is on Monday evening so until then I am certain to be fretting about it but I've done everything I can to make it a success so have to keep telling myself that. Going to make sure I get plenty of rest and relaxation over the weekend. I cannot hold a decent conversation let alone host an event when tired so I need to be well rested.

I find having been out of work so long has made me worry about everything! I had no confidence about being able to do a good job. It is slowly coming back though and realistically I know I am doing great work I'm just still a little insecure and unsure of myself. If I'm tired all my positivity sinks and my rationality flies out the window too. Muscles and Brain seem to grind to a halt but the positive side is that so far I am just about coping with being back in work. Most importantly I am enjoying it too, despite the stress.