Sunday, 6 December 2009

Things on the Internet to Cheer Yourself Up.

I am sure I am not the only person with M.E who is thanking the stars for the internet. A constant source of entertainment for people who for one reason or another are stuck at home with little to do, or little ability to 'do'. Here are some of my faves:

Posted by Stephen Fry on Twitter: I simply love this website!

Mildly ammusing:

One of my all time favourite moments from the glory days of Phil and Fern. I rarely watch This Morning, if ever, but always watched the funny bits on youtube:

Obviously youtube can be an endless source of merriment and musical delights.

A good comedy site is: you can also watch new versions of Walliams and Lucas's "rock profiles"

A bit random but available on youtube is Adam and Joe's "Bobby Calypso" an unusual tribute to DeNiro:

My latest guilty pleasure on tv (apart from come dine with me) is total wipeout. If you've not seen it look it up. Energetic people flinging themselves about is surprisingly watchable in a "can't not look" way. Here is a big red balls compilation off youtube:


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