Thursday, 3 December 2009

I will survive!

PHEW My working week is over. I survived! Has been really busy. Organising an evening event for the museum, going into a local primary school for outreach work and attending training days in Leeds. I was absolutely shattered Wednesday night after the training and slept for about 14 hours. Today I went into work late (which they don't mind me doing thank goodness) so had a good rest. The hard work paid off today as I discovered myself and the project I am working on got a mention in an article in the local paper. Great for my evaluations etc. My "event" is on Monday evening so until then I am certain to be fretting about it but I've done everything I can to make it a success so have to keep telling myself that. Going to make sure I get plenty of rest and relaxation over the weekend. I cannot hold a decent conversation let alone host an event when tired so I need to be well rested.

I find having been out of work so long has made me worry about everything! I had no confidence about being able to do a good job. It is slowly coming back though and realistically I know I am doing great work I'm just still a little insecure and unsure of myself. If I'm tired all my positivity sinks and my rationality flies out the window too. Muscles and Brain seem to grind to a halt but the positive side is that so far I am just about coping with being back in work. Most importantly I am enjoying it too, despite the stress.

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