Sunday, 29 November 2009

Been Busy! (and tired)

It's been a while so just going to do a quick update. Still working and enjoying my job even though I still find it hard to keep going. Learning to balance things a bit more at the moment. Still not managed to clean out my car. Still trying to sort out the mass of junk that has accumulated in my bedroom. Finally posted my DLA application form and waiting for a response one way or the other. Been training some museum volunteers on how to use blogger so they can contribute to the museums' blog. Had a very good letter from 'working links' apologising for my treatment. It was quite a grovelling apology but written very well and addressed all the points raised in my letter so I was pleased with their response. I am now putting it all behind me. (see complaint letter post - 18th October 09)

Still finding working difficult but am lucky to have a job I love in a wonderful place. I went to London to visit friends last weekend and have struggled all week to recover! Juggled my working hours around a bit this week as was incredibly tired and run down. My body does not cope very well with nights out but I only see my university friends all together once or twice a year so was determined to go. Spent most of the weekend travelling though. Still not really met anyone my own age up north so do miss having friends around. Have been asked to be a bridesmaid in August which is very nice but does leave me with a slight feeling of "always the bridesmaid never the bride". Not really sure how I will meet anyone. I live in a remote rural area and when I'm not working I'm mostly resting so don't really know how to meet people. Most young people seem to leave the area in their twenties so still feel a bit isolated.

On the whole things are going very well, just about coping with life at the moment, am already looking forward to a break over Christmas though! Also looking forward to having family up to stay for Christmas. Get on well with my siblings and grandparents so very much looking forward to it this year. Had the dreaded swine flu jab this week and surprisingly enough it didn't affect me too badly. It did ache a lot for a few days but no more than any other jab and cleared up quite quickly. My normal flu jab was worse. I still have bad days when I get over stressed and exhausted but on the whole things are going well. It's been quite a dramatic year with lots of ups and downs. I hope next year is a little calmer.

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