Saturday, 7 November 2009

Household Tasks

I seriously can't muster the will or the energy to finish my DLA form, it's so long and I can think of better things to do. For starters my car/giant handbag is so full of rubbish I've been meaning to give it a good clean (inside) for weeks. Got as far as parking it near the house so far. Maybe tomorrow. My bed had become an island amongst a sea of mess and clothes in my bedroom, I did manage to tidy that up a bit today. Boring jobs like doing the washing and changing the bed seem to become so much effort! It takes me days to build up to it sometimes. Had a good few days rest before the next Tues-Thurs work days so hopefully I won't be so shattered this week but who can tell. Does anybody else get freezing cold when they're tired? I seem to spend much of my time in about 3 jumpers looking very padded.

Still consciously trying not to let work stress me out too much. It's o new to me now that I have to mentally slap myself for worrying so much about every little thing. I just want things to go well! I'm still at a stage where I'm just pathetically grateful to be working at all and in a job that's flexible and that I enjoy. This seems to make me a bit over eager to please and I am quite hard on myself I think. I'm starting a course of yoga again on Monday, I think gentle yoga does help, especially the relaxation side of it. It's run by my physiotherapist so I know I won't be pushed too far. well that's it for now, sorry if this post is a bit dull but I'm starting to use this blog as a diary now too.

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