Thursday, 5 November 2009

Working Life Continues

Just finished another week at work. I am loving my job but also still finding it incredibly tiring. So much so that when the boss asked me how I was doing I (without thinking) replied "I'm knackered!" Just as well he knows not to be offended by my un-worklike language. They've been great to me so far and I couldn't ask for a more understanding work place. I still get a bit stressed out by it all but that's more to do with fighting the fatigue than the work itself.

I'm posting a video I made a while back for the museum, I'm working on a story gathering project at the moment working with local families and volunteers. Creating digital photo stories like this one. It's about an original volunteer who whilst taking down and re-building an old manor house, so that it could be preserved at the museum, found the oldest silver spoon in the country!

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