Friday, 2 October 2009

Welcome to my blog

Below is the rather long story of my life with ME so far. I am at a stage where I feel in Limbo as there does not seem to be a niche for people like me in society. I am living in a quite rural isolated area due to my illness causing me to move back to my parents house as I was unable to support myself. I am interested to know how many other poeple have had to do the same due to the total lack of support for people with ME. I am recovering but its a slow process and as I am only able to work part-time I cannot/have not yet found a job. I have been on jobseekers allowance for 6 months with no prospect of finding a job suitable to my needs. Its a catch 22 situation as I am currently well enough to work part time but my location is a problem, yet without work and an income I have no way of moving somewhere more suitable. Read my story below to see how I ended up here.

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