Sunday, 11 October 2009

Lonely old ME

I am so bored of having M.E. I had to move home because of it which meant moving far away from all my friends. I now have very little social life and some days it'd just be nice to be able to meet up with friends or spend an evening out instead of sitting at home watching TV and getting depressed. It is worse these days as I am making progress and recovering well. The downside to recovery is that now, I am often well enough to go out and do something, but due to my social isolation I have nowhere to go or nobody to go with. Things can never be straightforward can they?

Even though towards the end of my university studies (before I had to take a year off due to my health, and finish my degree from home) at least I always had good friends around. I was lucky to have a very good friend and housemate who was always very supportive and excellent at making me laugh and cheering me up. Even at times when I was never leaving the house, I still saw friends and had some fun (involving sitting on the sofa and being silly mostly). That is something that I really miss. M.E has dominated my life in so many ways its just a shame that now I am in a good phase again it has cost me my social connections, and I have very little means of meeting anyone my own age living where I do. I hope things change and that one day I will be able to move out of the parental home and support myself, and make more friends locally but its proving to be a very very slow and difficult mission.

I have been getting myself out and doing some voluntary work at a local museum, with the hope of eventually getting some part-time paid employment there, but even that does not offer many social options. Most people there are older than me and do not need a needy 26 year old on their hands. I am feeling a little bit demoralised once more by the effect M.E has had on my life. I often feel that because I am so isolated from the world, I am going to waste and nobody knows that I am here!


  1. Hey there.

    Thanks a million for dropping by my blog and sharing your story. It's nice to meet you ; )

    I'm sorry you are feeling a bit down at the moment about your social situation. I feel for you x

    I am a few years older than you, but I can totally associate with everything that you are going through. It is very difficult and demoralizing to depend on our parents when we want to be independent.

    Is there no support group near where you live? There is none near me. I plan to set one up when I am stronger.

    You said the people where you work are older. I love having friends of all ages. You shouldn't let age get in the way... Do you like to read? Maybe you could set up a book club for youngish people??

    Did you appeal for the assistance?

    Well done for completing all of your education, impressive...

    Drop me an email any time, if you want. x

    Treya : )

  2. Hey,

    cheers for responding. re friends ages - I would never let age stop me from befriending someone I was more trying to say that as they are all a bit older than me they have very established lives. Husbands, wives, kids etc and wouldn't think to see me socially I guess. Good to see you on here though I'll set up a link to your blog if I haven't already

  3. Ah yes. I understand. Yep married people with kids and work, don't really have time for much else... My sister has four young kids and they both work and they have a CRAZY busy life!!

    What did you do your degree in? I got sick four years ago on the summer before my final year in uni. I managed to finish, but was a mess after. I'm from Ireland, but did my degree in Wales, in Graphic Design.

    I have lost touch with most of my friends due to this illness. At our age people are busy all week with work and then they want to go out partying at weekends. This equals loosing touch. It hit me recently when one of my friends who I haven't seen in two years got married two weeks ago and I was the only one not invited. Everyone has forgotten about me... I understood it though as I have never had the chance to meet the bride.

    Thanks for setting up a link.

    : )

  4. I did a Masters in History which tipped me over the edge really (like you I was a mess) and I had to move to my parents house to get back on my feet. It would be fine ordinarily but my parents had moved to a very remote location in N Yorkshire. Now I am stuck in the middle of nowhere and the friends I have live in or around London. bummer. I sympathise with your situation and its a real shame you've become a bit isolated too. keep in touch. x