Tuesday, 6 October 2009

I'm struggling a bit today, been a bit wobbly. I have just felt disgruntled and exhausted all day. Went to check out a local museum but broke out in a huge hot sweat and achy legs when I tried to walk about a bit, also spacial awareness becomes a challenge and i bumped into the edge of things a fair bit today. Had to stop for a sit-down and then had a long sleep. The trouble is I woke feeling completely unrefreshed and the same or worse than before. Some days it just goes like that. I Think I may have over done it a bit in the last few days, had a lot going on. Its so hard to pace yourself when you are recovering as if you feel OK you obviously want to get as much done as possible, but if you throw yourself in too fast you go straight back to being knackered and achy again. I tend to get muscle pains and spasms, difficulty concentrating or having conversation, sensitivity to light, blobs in front of my eyes and a general feeling of being heavy and having to lug my own body about as if it were a dead weight. Keeping it short and sweet today so that's all.

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